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Snoop prepares for his forthcoming Doggumentary

Multi-platinum hip-hop superstar Snoog Dogg has confirmed that his 11th stuio album, ‘Doggumentary Music’, will be released in March 2011 through Priority Records/EMI.

And to kick off the holiday season, Snoop has released ‘New Year’s Eve’, featuring newcomer Marty James, which is available now on iTunes.


Speaking about his new album, Snoop says: “I have been in the game for so long and still have the same passion I did when I first started. I want my fans to ride with me on this one and know that I am so focused on bringing good music to them. It’s called Doggumentary Music because this is my life and I want to share my music, and my process of making it, with the fans.”

In order to do this, Snoop has been ‘doggumenting’ his musical progress online via his social networking platforms and Ustream at particular moments up until the album is released. Visit Snoop’s website for more info.

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