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Snoop Dogg – superhero!

Hip-hop icon, Creative Chairman of EMI’s Priority Records, and now superhero.

Yes, on March 23 Snoop Dogg will release ‘More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie’, combination album and 40 minute mini-movie starring Snoop as a superhero on a mission to save his city.

Snoop Dogg
In the film, Snoop plays super crime-fighter ‘Malice’ who is striving to bring peace back to his neighbourhood. Cameos  in the action packed movie include Jamie Foxx, Xzibit, Nipsey Hussle and many more. The soundtrack album features five songs from the previously released ‘Malice N Wonderland’, five new songs and two remixes.

Starting today, March 16, MySpace are premiering a previously unseen trailer of ‘Malice N Wonderland The Movie’. See more here: http://www.myspace.com/snoopdogg.  In the US, Hulu will be premiering the film next week.

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