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Sky Ferreira Video Premiere

Keep an eye on Sky!  She’s already getting buzz on both sides of the pond for her prodigious songwriting and fashion sense, and now the video for Sky Ferreira‘s new track, “17,” is launching today on BuzzNet (yep, Sky’s 17).   Idolator has the details on the project, directed by fashion photographer and filmaker Cass Bird.  Watch it here:

For a bit more, check out the behind-the-scenes photo gallery:

Sky Ferreira Making The Music For '17'
Sky Ferreira Making The Music For ’17′

Sky is currently in the studio finishing her debut album to be released later this year on Capitol Records (Parlophone in the UK).  She’s been working with producers Bloodshy and Avant, as well as The Teddybears, Linda Perry and Greg Kurstin (The Bird and Bee, Lily Allen), who got a Grammy nod in Feb for producer of the year.

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