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“Say Hey!” Michael Franti signs with EMI/Capitol Records

Michael Franti is now a part of the EMI/Capitol Records roster.  New singles will be released later this month from Franti’s forthcoming CD, “The Sound of Sunshine” on the Capitol Records/Boo Boo Wax label. “ The Sound of Sunshine” will be available later this summer.  This is a follow-up from Franti’s “All Rebel Rockers,” which marked his career-high debut chart position and gave way to the platinum digital smash, “Say Hey (I Love You).”

“The spirit and support that we’ve been receiving on the road has been incredible,” said Franti. “Even though we’ve been making music for a long time and many of our fans have been with us for years, the success of All Rebel Rockers and ‘Say Hey (I Love You)’ has allowed even more people to hear the music. Our new fans have become a part of the family and I’m happy to have this new family extend to everyone at EMI.”

Check the press release for more information.

Check out Franti’s latest Video blog from Gulf Shores, Alabama below.

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