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Saving Abel performs USO concert on aircraft carrier

Rock band Saving Abel recently teamed up again with the USO for a concert in front of US troops.  On April 11th, the band was airlifted to an undisclosed location in the Pacific Ocean and boarded aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson as part of a USO concert at sea.  Spreading cheer to sailors returning from a three-month deployment, the band performed a 90-minute sets for the troops and jump-started the ship’s return to the states.  Atop 6-foot waves and 13 miles-per-hour winds, the band entertained more than 2,000 sailors.

Pictures of the show are available here.

Avid supporters of the U.S. military, Saving Abel traveled to Kuwait and Iraq in late February, and participated in an eight-day USO tour.  The band visited four bases and touched the lives of more than 4,800 troops.  Footage from the group’s concert at Camp Arifjan was later streamed online with help from Ustream to fans around the world.

Known for such hits as “Addicted,” “18 Days” and “Drowning (Face Down),” the band released their self-titled debut album in ’08 and are scheduled to release their sophomore album MISS AMERICA on June 8, 2010.  Named after their first USO tour, the album title was inspired by the service and sacrifice of America’s troops and their families.

Recently, the USS Carl Vinson was deployed to Haiti to conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster response missions.  The ship arrived off the coast of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on Jan. 15 – equipped with 3,200 troops, 19 helicopters and support equipment from five different East Coast Navy squadrons.  After spending three weeks in Haiti, the USS Carl Vinson participated in “Operation Southern Seas 2010,” a U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command Partnership of the Americas.

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