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Saving Abel new album release June 8th, announces summer tour details.

Virgin Records will release Saving Abel’s MISS AMERICA on June 8, 2010. The follow-up to the band’s breakthrough debut has reached critical mass via strong support at radio, adds at key video channels, and a world tour that has been underway for three months. The lead single “Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)” is flying up the rock charts, and the accompanying video is in rotation on MTV2.

Says the band’s guitarist Scott Bartlett: “There is always anticipation when it comes to the release of a new record. You’re nervous, excited, and vulnerable. The key is to remember that this is rock and roll and those emotions don’t matter once the record is done. We roll the dice and the game begins. We couldn’t be more proud of the way it turned out. Now it’s up to the public. Get ready.”

The quintet continues their current world tour which has, over the past several months, touched down in India, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq (via a USO / Armed Forces Entertainment tour of the Persian Gulf), extensively across the U.S., and — as we noted in an earlier post — in the middle of the Pacific Ocean aboard the USS Carl Vinson as the vessel returned from Haiti. Later in June, Saving Abel is headlining a tour and will hit the road with direct support act We Are The Fallen, and openers American Bang and Taddy Porter.

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