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Rosanne Cash to publish memoir, perform on “Good Morning America”

The lovely and talented Rosanne Cash is publishing a memoir of her life growing up as the eldest daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash and coming into her own as a singer, a songwriter, daughter and mother.  The same day the book, ”Composed,” (Viking, August 10th) hits stores, Ms. Cash will appear on Good Morning America on US TV network ABC to talk about the book and perform a song from her album “The List.”  Later that day, she’ll kick off a national book tour with a reading/acoustic set at Barnes & Noble Union Square in New York. 

Her album “The List” which came out last year and garnered a Grammy nod, is a an album of classic country songs which were selected from a list her famous father drew up for Rosanne on a tour bus, when she was 18 and they were out on the road.  The album is currently nominated for Americana Music Association’s “Album of the Year.”

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