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Robyn joins EMI in the Nordic region

We’re very happy to announce that Robyn, one of Sweden’s most successful recording artists, has signed an exclusive deal with EMI Music for the Nordic region. Her much awaited fourth studio album, ‘Body Talk PT1′ will be released June 14.


Robyn’s last album in 2007 was a huge success and featured the international hit single ‘With Every Heartbeat’. For her new material she has been working with producers including Diplo, Royksopp, Kleerup and Klas Ahlund and it seems she still has the knack of creating pop classics – venerable UK music mag NME describes ‘Body Talk PT1′ as ‘Genius’.

As our president of new music international and president of global artist management Billy Mann says: “Robyn is a visionary artist and spirit: always trusting her creative voice, defining her own rules and staying genuinely connected to her fans. EMI is fortunate to now be her trusted Nordic partner. Separately, having worked creatively with Robyn in the very early stages of her career, it is a thrill for me to come full circle and reconnect with one of Sweden’s most important artists.”

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