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Robbie Williams video game out next week

‘We Sing Robbie Williams’, the Wii video game that enables fans to sing along to 26 of Robbie Williams‘ top hits, has been confirmed for release on November 12 by the title’s developers, Nordic Games.

The game includes all of Robbie’s best known hits includnig ‘Angels’, ‘Let Me Entertain You’, ‘Feel’, ‘Rock DJ’, ‘She’s The One’ and his most recent, ‘Shame’ with Gary Barlow. All are accompanied by the original video and unlike any other singing game on the market, ‘We Sing Robbie Williams’ supports up to four players singing at any one time.

We_Sing_Robbie_WilliamsThe game, which is available in PAL format territories, also includes footage from Robbie’s massive 2003 Knebworth concerts and a photo gallery plus solo, party, karaoke and jukebox modes, singing lessons and in-game awards.

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  1. jane,

    why robby Williams will work together with the wii’s popularity has certainly

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