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Robbie song to be official Sport Relief single

Robbie Williams

The new single from Robbie Williams, ‘Morning Sun’, has been confirmed as the official single for Sport Relief 2010. Released on March 8, all record company profits and artist royalties from UK digital single sales will go to Sport Relief.

“I’m very happy to donate my time to help Sport Relief and I thank my co-writers for doing the same,” says Robbie. “Please join us in helping this very worthwhile cause.”

It has also been confirmed today that Robbie will record a solo contribution to ‘Everybody Hurts’, the Helping Haiti charity single.

In other Robbie news, he has just added to his already considerable string of amazing achievements by being confirmed as the best selling artist album in the UK over the last decade. Including four albums which sold more than two million copies, Robbie’s sales since 2000 have been a massive 13 million, easily enough to be the decade’s number one artist. Congratulations!

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