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Robbie, Lily and Spice Girls triumph at Brits

Congratulations to all EMI’s winners at the Brits in London last night. Lily Allen won the British Female Solo Artist award, the Spice Girls were voted the best Brits Performance of 30 Years winners, and as previously announced Robbie Williams won the Outstanding Contribution to Music honour.

The show opened with Lily descending onto the stage on a glittery rocket to perform her massive hit single ‘The Fear’. Geri Halliwell and Mel B were on hand to pick up their award on behalf of all the Spice Girls, and the evening closed with a stunning medley of classic hits and songs from his latest album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ by Robbie Williams.

Afterwards EMI held a party at the Supperclub in west London where, as well as Brit winners Robbie, Lily, Geri and Mel B, artists enjoying the evening included Bat For Lashes, Luke Steele from Empire Of The Sun, Doves, Tinie Tempah, Professor Green, Ed Drewett and Eliza Doolittle.

Here’s Lily and Robbie (with Ayda Fields) arriving at the party:

Lily AllenRobbie Williams

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