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Record Store Day Ltd Edition Vinyl for John Lennon, Sex Pistols

On Record Store Day in the U.S. (April 17th), EMI Music will release limited edition John Lennon and Sex Pistols vinyl packages to be sold exclusively by participating independent music retailers across the U.S. 

They include John Lennon Singles Bag (limited edition), (Capitol/EMI); Individually numbered Kraftpak envelope with button & string closure; custom plastic adaptor hub.  24” x 36” poster + three postcards and three 45 RPM vinyl singles with replicated original artwork.  Includes such tracks as “Mother,” “Imagine,” and “Watching the Wheels.”

Also available, Sex Pistols: The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle (limited edition),(Virgin/EMI); 180g double LP, gatefold.  Among the 24 tracks are “God Save the Queen (Symphony),”  ”Anarchy in the UK,” “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,” “L’Anarchi Pour Le UK” and “The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle.” 

Watch for more information at:

www.fromthecapitolvaults.com    or www.recordstoreday.com

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  1. How can we order the Lennon and Sex Pistols goodies? There is no way to order on on Recordstoreday.com. Thanks, Mark

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