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Record Store Day in UK: limited edition vinyl from The Beatles, Blur, plus performance from Sweet Billy Pilgrim

UK music afficianados are gearing up for Record Store Day tomorrow, April 17 and Billboard has the details.  More than UK 150 Indie music retailers — almost twice the number as last year — are participating as part of this international initiative.

Nearly 110 exclusive, limited edition releases are being offered in these shops, but our advice is to show up early and call in advance to see what local shops might have in stock.

As we mentioned earlier, Parlophone is offering a number of limited edition 7″ and 12″ vinyl releases.  Some lucky shoppers who hoof it into their local record shops might find treasures that are only available in the UK.  Among the UK exclusives are  a two-track release from The Beatles (“Paperback Writer”/”Rain”), as well as the first new studio recording from Blur in over seven years – a limited edition vinyl-only single, “Fool’s Day.” But interested shoppers should get out to participating retailers early as these releases are available in very limited quantities (1,000 copies each).

Mercury Prize nominees Sweet Billy Pilgrim are among the UK artists doing in-store performances at 3 p.m. BST at Rough Trade East in London.  A limited edition vinyl single from the band will also be available at participating RSD retailers in the UK.  Check the Rough Trade site for more details.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Check here for a list of participating UK retailers.  Happy shopping!

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