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Professor Green launches ground-breaking 360 degree video

Breakout UK rap star Professor Green has unveiled a ground-breaking interactive 360 degree video for his new track ‘Coming To Get Me’.

In partnership with Doritos and their Late Night flavours campaign, the video is the first interactive 360 degree video to be hosted on YouTube. The track was written exclusively for this online experience which allows fans to manipulate the video as they wish.

Click on this image to watch the video:


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  1. Amazing 360 video. Well produced, brilliantly clear resolution, unbelievably clever player – This is a transmedia package that engages and entertains. Great work by Professor Green, Doritos, and yellowBird, the Dutch company behind the 360 video technology. yellowBird has taken its place as the world leader in 360 degree video – a brand new medium for a new age.

  2. The player works really well but the 360 video content for Doritos Late Night was recorded by TTX a specialist spherical & 360 video production facilities company based in London. TTX recorded the Professor Green spherical video rushes using their Spherevision3 system. They also produce interactive 360 and spherical video presentation software for high resolution exhibition, projection and head mounted display. http://www.ttx.co.uk

    TX provide spherical and 360 video facilities to a large range of Production Companies and Agencies across Europe.

  3. Ed Sykes,

    Actually this was shot by Transmission TX. Yellowbird only provided the player. It all comes together brilliantly though, great work by everyone!

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