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Pixies fans down under get instant live CD courtesy of Abbey Road Live

Alt-rock royalty The Pixies are currently in the middle of a tour of Australia and New Zealand  and thanks to the technical wizzadry of EMI’s Abbey Road Live unit, which is on the road with the band, fans are able to take home a high quality CD of the gig they’ve just seen on their way out.

So far, about 13% of the audience at the ‘Doolittle Live’ shows have taken advantage of this, but in some cases, such as at the band’s concert at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, 25% of  gig-goers bought the live CD.  Here they are waiting to collect their souvenir, numbered CD:

Vector Arena Auckland

As well as being available to fans immediately after the show, the limited edition CDs have been available as an online pre-order which is then shipped to home regardless of whether a fan attended the show or not.

Abbey Road Live has also developed a free Pixies mobile app giving Pixies fans the ability to share pictures, purchase live content and much more.

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