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Peter Gabriel’s ‘Scratch My Back’

Virgin Records releases Peter Gabriel‘s ‘Scratch My Back’ song exchange project this week, and we’re delighted to announce that the album will also be distributed by EMI in the US through EMI Label Services on March 2.

Peter Gabriel
To coincide with the arrival of every full moon of the year, each month a double A-sided single will be released, pairing one of the songs from ‘Scratch My Back’ with a reciprocal Peter Gabriel track recorded by that particular songriwter.

The first full moon of 2010 has seen the release of the pairing of Peter’s interpretation of The Magnetic Fields’ ‘The Book Of Love’ with the reciprocal recording by the band of ‘Not One Of Us’.

The next three double A-sides are:

February 28: ‘The Boy In The Bubble’/'Biko’ (Paul Simon)

March 30: ‘Flume’/'Come Talk To Me’ (Bon Iver)

April 28: ‘The Power Of The Heart’/'Solsbury Hill’ (Lou Reed)

Peter has also announced a remix competition. Four of his songs will be made available for remixing with the best mixes, as judged by Peter, commercially released, including a share of the royalties for the remixer. Full details aat www.realworldremixed.com.

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