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Norah Jones to Brooklyn fans: “Thanks for getting soggy with us!”

Last night Norah Jones kicked off the “Celebrate Brooklyn” summer concert series with a free concert in Prospect Park, and not even a driving rain could keep the 5,000-plus fans in attendance from enjoying the performance while huddled under umbrellas.  Blue Note’s songstress played a 2-hour set to those who braved the rain.  “What a beautiful bouquet of umbrellas!  Thanks for coming out and getting soggy with us,” Jones told the crowd.

Photo credit: Ryan Muir for Metromix

Ms. Jones will take the stage tomorrow as part of the “Good Morning America” Summer Concert Series in New York’s Central Park, before plays Bonnaroo in Tennessee this weekend.

Her fourth album “The Fall” has gone platinum in the US and is currently at #9 in Amazon’s MP3 store.

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