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No.1 Canadian artist Johnny Reid signs global deal with EMI

Johnny Reid has been one of the breakout successes in Canadian music over the last five years, with three multi-platinum albums, a triple-platinum DVD, number one hits and multiple nominations and awards, and so we’re delighted that he is now part of the EMI family after signing an exclusive worldwide deal with EMI Music Canada.

Johnny Reid

Backed by his growing and devoted international fan following, the Scottish-born singer-songwriter’s ‘Tartan Army’, Reid’s next live gig is in Zurich in Switzerland this Friday (March 5) after which he will return to Canada for a series of sell-out concerts. A new studio album is expected in late summer.

As our president of EMI Music Canada, Deane Cameron, says: “As long time fans, we are thrilled to be involved in Johnny’s career and look forward to growing his audience here at home in addition to introducing him to the rest of the world.”

Canada of course just hosted a very successful Winter Olympics, and here’s a short video of Johnny at the Olympic site in Vancouver: http://www.johnnyreid.com/site/johnnyreid/blog_entry/4?entry_id=409

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