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New ‘LOVE BY AIR’ iPhone App Invites Fans of the French Music Duo To Create Unique Sounds, Enter Contest

EMI Music/Astralwerks recording artists Air, the French electronic pop duo, have teamed up with London-based music technology company RjDj to create an innovative App, “Love by AIR,” for the iPhone, which allows fans to experience Air’s music in a unique, immersive way.

Fans can also record their own messages or performances with the application, allowing them to share their own unique productions of Air’s music with their friends, and with the world.

Fans can also enter their own “Love” creations in a contest.  From now until March 22, weekly winners will be selected, with a grand prize winner receiving an iPod Touch.  Contest details and entries are available here

The App is available from iTunes here.

The RjDj player technology lets the iPhone operate as a real-time sound studio. The music of “Love by AIR” is presented as five different pages, or “soundscapes,” that the listener can swipe between to shape their experience:

  • Chanter – puts your voice in the music, letting you sing, speak or add your own sounds into the mix
  • Harmonie -  vocodes sounds in realtime and makes them harmonize with the music
  • Papillon – samples tiny segments of sounds and creates audio butterflies from them, flying around inside the music
  • Voler – creates a rising texture of sound by sampling reality and layering / filtering them with the music
  • Voyage – takes you on a musical journey through all of the soundscapes

With 5.5 million worldwide album sales to their credit, Air (Nicolas Godin and JB Dunckel) has become de facto ambassadors of modern French pop, whose fans are drawn back to each new musical adventure by their inventive arrangements, and a playful yet unpredictable palette of sounds and songcraft. Following the October release of their fifth studio album Love 2- which Rolling Stone said was “full of typically chic and spacey tunes”- the band will return to the U.S. for their first live shows in three years next month. Their latest single “So Light Is Her Footfall” is available now.

RjDj is the product of Reality Jockey, Ltd., a London-based start-up company founded by Michael Breidenbruecker, an original creator and founder of Last.fm.

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