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Luke Bryan & Emily West Release Celebrity Apprentice Performance Tracks on iTunes

Capitol Nashville’s LUKE BRYAN and EMILY WEST appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice in the US on Sunday night.  This week, the celebs, who are competing on the Donald Trump-hosted show to win assignments to raise money for their respective charities, had a Nashville-themed challenge.  The assignment:  create and execute a makeover of up-and-coming Capitol Nashville artists Luke Bryan and Emily West, in preparation for a show and a press interview.  West was paired with team Tenacity, headed by project manager Cyndi Lauper, and including team members Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne, Summer Sanders and Maria Kanellis, who won this week’s challenge.  Bryan was paired with team Rock Solid, headed by project manager, the professional wrestler Goldberg, and including team members Poison rocker Bret Michaels and celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

The two artists played a set on the show, and Bryan’s performance of “Rain Is A Good Thing” and West’s performance of “Blue Sky” are available for 30 days exclusively on iTunes. All proceeds from the sale of these two live performances will benefit Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund.

Click here to purchase.

Also making an appearance during the episode was our very own Capitol Records Nashville President and CEO Mike Dungan, who appeared to introduce the artists.

Ironically, Luke Bryan and Emily West “competed” with themselves, as this episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” aired head to head with The ACM Awards on the CBS network.  Emily was hosting the Live from the Orange Carpet show and live blogging the event, and Luke won two awards for Top New Solo Vocalist of the Year and Top New Artist.

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