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Lolene invites you into The Electrick Hotel, incl free download of first single

A great new artist signed to EMI who’s definitely worth keeping an eye on is dance floor star Lolene who has just announced that her debut album, ‘The Electrick Hotel’, will be released through Capitol Records in August.

Each of the 15 tracks on the album represents a different room and each tells its own story, capturing a different part of Lolene’s personality, but you don’t have to wait until August to check out her new music – the first single ‘Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)’ is available right now as a free download from Lolene’s website here: http://lolenemusic.com/rich_freedownload.html


You can also hear more and see more about ‘The Electrick Hotel’ on the official trailer here:

Lolene burst onto the US club scene last year with her first release ‘Sexy People’ which hit number five on the Billboard dance charts.  Originally from Bristol in the UK where she wrote songs and sang backing vocals for trip-hop artist Martina Topley-Bird and drum & bass pioneer Roni Size, Lolene subsequently moved to Hollywood where she scored a songwriting deal with multi-platinum producer J.R. Rotem (Rick Ross, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston) and soon signed a solo deal with EMI.

You can find out more about Lolene through her website, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feed.

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