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Lionel Loueke: NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

During a tour stop in Washington, DC, US radio network National Public Radio asked Blue Note Recording artist Lionel Loueke and members of his trio to record for their “Tiny Desk Concert” series. 

The West African-born jazz guitarist obliged, squeezing into the tiny studio space with long time drummer/collaborator Ferenc Nemeth (but sans bass player).  They came equipped with a few hand percussion instruments to round things out.

The duo laid down some improvised versions of the track “Vi Ma Yon” off Loueke’s latest, Mwaliko, and reached into their musical bag of tricks to play another, “Merci.” A cover of Wayne Shorter’s “Nefertiti” will be available at NPR’s “A Blog Supreme” this week.  

Click here or on the image below to watch and listen.  Enjoy!

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