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LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy featured on NPR’s “Fresh Air”

Put a creative mind like that of James Murphy — front man for LCD Soundsystem – with one of the most reknowned pop culture interviewers — Terri Gross and her NPR program “Fresh Air” — and you get a terrific segment and a lot of great insight.  Click here to listen! 

On how being a DJ influenced him:  “”…DJing and finding dance music was much more of a communication device. It was very blatant. If people aren’t dancing, you’re not doing a good job. You can’t make any other argument about it. There’s something simple and workmanly about it that I really liked. And it changed making music for me because suddenly I wanted to make music; I wanted to make songs — I stopped being in bands when I was 26, so I took three years off and I wanted to do it again, because suddenly there was an actual quantifiable way [to see] if you were doing your job. People danced or they didn’t. And if they did, then you’re doing your job, which was a really nice thing to finally be able to learn.”

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