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LCD Soundsystem Secret “Live Rehearsal” in Brooklyn

LCD Soundsystem delighted fans with what band leader James Murphy called a “live rehearsal” at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last evening; the first live show the band has done in three years.  The “secret” gig sold out 5 minutes after being announced.

LCD Soundsystem blew the lid off the joint for almost two hours,” according to influential music blog Brooklyn Vegan. Check out their story for more details as well as pictures of the gig.CD Soundsystem plays the Coachella Festival on April 16th and goes on an extensive tour of North America and Canada beginning next month.

In addition to favorites from past albums, LCD did two songs off “This Is Happening,” their new release due out in May, including “Drunk Girls” and “I Can Change.”

LCD Soundsystem will play the Coachella Festival on April 16th, followed by an extensive North American tour (details here).

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