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Lady A to play NYC’s Central Park live, continues impressive chart moves

Lady Antebellum continued making waves on the Nielsen Soundscan charts this week, with sales for both of their albums – their self-titled debut and “Need You Now” – on the rise, as well as the release of their new EP “iTunes Session.”  The EP is an iTunes exclusive that features the band doing a glorious live acoustic set of their material, as well as a cover of Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly.”

“Need You Now” re-entered the top ten at #6, “iTunes Sessions” bowed at #17 and “Lady Antebellum” rose to #74.  And the picture on the Country Album Chart was even more rosy, with all three titles in the top ten (#2, #3 and #10).

US fans can catch them live from New York’s Central Park on ABC’s “Good Morning America” tomorrow morning!

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