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Kylie’s All The Lovers – listen now

It’s nearly time – Kylie‘s brand new single ‘All The Lovers’ will be available to download from June 13. But you don’t have to wait until then to have a listen, as you can check it out here right now:

The video for the song, which was shot recently in Los Angeles, will be out later this month.

‘All The Lovers’ is taken from Ms Minogue’s hugely anticipated new album, ‘Aphrodite’, which will be out on July 5 (July 6 in the US).

The track listing of ‘Aphrodite’ is as follows:

All The Lovers
Get Outta My Way
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
Everything Is Beautiful
Better Than Today
Too Much
Cupid Boy
Looking For An Angel
Can’t Beat The Feeling

Kylie Minogue Aphrodite

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  1. Andre Unger,

    Thanks, the song is incredibly good!!!

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