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Kylie Climbs to #1 on Billboard Club Chart

Kylie Minogue‘s latest dance single “All the Lovers” hit #1 on the Billboard Club Chart this week.  This is Kylie’s fourth career #1 single on the Billboard Club Chart and her first since “Slow” hit #1 in 2004.  “All The Lovers” is the first single from her recently-released 11th studio album “Aphrodite” and has been heating up airwaves and dance floors around the world since the start of the summer.

Catch the sexy and provocative video, directed by Joseph Kahn (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry) below.   Or you can listen to the track here.

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  1. Sean,

    Aided by the fact that EMI released a ltd edition cd single of club remixes in Australia. Thank you EMI for acknowledging that there are people out there who still like to buy their music in this format and especially with so many juicy remixes.
    I hope that the success of this single will convince you to release further tracks in a cd-single/remix format.

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