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KT Tunstall Loves NY @ Live Gig

KT Tunstall wowed the crowd at NYC’s Hiro Ballroom this week with an intimate acoustic set as part of a promo tour for her upcoming album, “Tiger Suit,” out this fall (Sept. 27 in the UK and October 5 in the US).  After treating fans to new material like “Push that Knot Away” and soon-to-be-released new single “Fade Like a Shadow,” Tunstall added a new twist to some old favorites, including a mash-up of her smash, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”

After the audience’s cheers implored her to play a few more, Tunstall did her take on LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy’s “New York I Love You.”

Based on the reaction of this Big Apple audience, the feeling was mutual.

Photos by Gabi Porter

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