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KT Tunstall announces new album details

KT Tunstall sent a note to her fans today with exciting details about the release of her forthcoming album, ‘Tiger Suit’ (out in the UK on 20th September and in the US on 28th September).  Here’s an excerpt:

Hope you’ve been enjoying life since I burrowed away into a creative little cave to concoct my new album, ‘Tiger Suit.’  Many of you may know about it already, but as a latecomer to Twittiness and Facebookerage myself, I totally appreciate you might not!

I recorded out in Berlin at legendary studio Hansa (Heroes by Bowie, Lust For Life by Iggy, Achtung Baby by U2), with Jim Abbiss producing – responsible for debut albums by Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Adele, Temper Trap and many more.

I decided to tap into a diverse array of influences and we drew from some of our collectively favourite sounds; Leftfield, Eddie Cochran, The Cocteau Twins, Bow Wow Wow, Adam and the Ants, Ali Farke Touré…as you can imagine, it’s a pretty different listen!!  But still all about songwriting and rhythm.

We’re looking forward to hearing KT’s new stuff!

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