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Keith Urban Plays Benefit Under the Stars for GRAMMY Foundation

Last week, Capitol Nashville artist, and three-time GRAMMY award winner, Keith Urban headlined the GRAMMY Foundation’s signature benefit Starry Night concert at the Los Angeles Tennis Center at the University of California, Los Angeles. Rising folk/rock stars the Avett Brothers opened the benefit.  A highlight of the evening came when Urban, as part of his sold out, two-hour show, called up six participants in the foundation-funded GRAMMY Camp to perform his hit, “Days Go By.”  Katie Gavin of Winnetka, Ill., Savannah Meares of Santa Barbara, Calif., and Brenna Miles of La Canada Flintridge, Calif., sang background vocals; India Pascucci of Burbank, Calif., played drums; and guitarist Kristen Castro of Simi Valley, Calif. and violinist Kevin Schwarzwald of Pacific Palisades, Calif., were both featured with solos during the song.

The video below shows the kids rehearsing with Urban and later rocking the house in front of a packed audience.  The evening helped raise a significant amount of funds in support of music education and other charities.

Proceeds from the evening benefitted the GRAMMY Foundation’s GRAMMY in the Schools music education programs for high school students and the Southern California Tennis Association’s foundation.

“Keith Urban’s career is defined by both exceptional musicianship and extraordinary generosity,” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Foundation. “And it is meaningful and moving that Keith lent his time and talents during the busy summer touring season in support of the GRAMMY Foundation and our GRAMMY in the Schools music education programs. We offer young people real-world experiences in the music industry and it doesn’t get any more ‘real’ than having our GRAMMY Campers perform before a packed audience with Keith Urban. We were also delighted to have the Avett Brothers showcase their unique and powerful music at our Starry Night benefit.”

The GRAMMY Camp participants first met Urban onstage prior to the concert during his afternoon soundcheck, when he and his band worked with the campers to put the finishing touches on their performance. “Having those kids onstage with us on Friday really serves as a reminder of what is possible when you’re lucky enough to find your passion,” said Urban. “I was so impressed by their talent and their obvious love for playing.”

Organized under the banner GRAMMY in the Schools, the GRAMMY Foundation’s education programs include GRAMMY Camp — held this year from July 10–19 at USC — as well as the GRAMMY Jazz Ensembles, GRAMMY Career Day, GRAMMY Signature Schools, and GRAMMY SoundChecks. This year Urban served as GRAMMY Camp’s honorary dean to affirm his commitment to the GRAMMY Foundation’s music education programs.

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