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Katy Perry’s California Gurls’ global release, new album confirmed for August

Following Friday’s premiere of Katy Perry‘s scorching brand new new single ‘California Gurls’, the song is now being released digitally around the world.

Santa Barbara, California-born Katy was inspired to write ‘California Gurls’ while watching her friends go crazy at a party listening to Jay-Z’s salte to New York, ‘Empire State of Mind’. “Everybody was holding their drinks in the air and dancing, and I thought, ‘We’re not in New York, we’re in Los Angeles! What about California?” she remembers. “I decided that we needed to make a response. I want people to book a ticket to California the first time they hear it!”

Katy Perry

‘California Gurls’ is just a taste of what’s to come when Katy unleashes her brand-new album ‘Teenage Dream’ on August 24 in the US and Canada and August 30 in the rest of the world. The set is the follow-up to her blockbuster debut ‘One of the Boys’ which has now sold five million copies worldwide and spawned four smash hit singles.

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  1. Katie Sheather,

    I love this song , it is one of my favourite song ,

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