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Katy Perry strolls down memory lane for brand new special MTV Hoods: Katy Perry

Everyone’s favourite ‘California Gurl’, Katy Perry, invites you on an intimate journey to her Californian hometown, Santa Barbara, for the new special show ‘MTV Hoods: Katy Perry’, which will premiere on MTV channels around the world on Sunday October 3.

MTV’s cameras followed Katy as she revisted her early guitar days in her childhood home as well as various teen and high school memories, giving an up close and pesonal look at the people and experiences which helped take Katy to her position today as one of the world’s most popular stars.

Katy’s journey included a stop at the former family home where she lived from age 11 to 13, where she is pictured here with Angela and David Hudson as well as a photo from memory lane:


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  1. elizabeth,

    i love katy perry

  2. ricky,

    omg!!!! katy you rock!!! i is yo #1 fan!!!!! lol (-:

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