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Katy Perry Lights Up Met Costume Gala

Katy Perry  – fresh from having her single “Hot & Cold” certified as quadruple Platinum — lit up the room at this week’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute celebrating the opening of the Met’s “American Woman” exhibit. Perry stole the show with a gown lit up by hundreds of tiny colored LED lights at this celeb-studded fashion event, co-hosted by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Oprah Winfrey. 

In fact, fashion news bible WWD put Katy on the cover this week, noting  that in this high wattage crowd,”Katy Perry was more high wattage than most.  Perry literally glowed….”

Perhaps inspired by globe-trotting habits she developed en route to becoming one of the world’s biggest music artists, Katy found the dee-light-ful gown, by London-based company CuteCircuit, in France.  WWD says:  “She proved American style can come from anywhere.”  They also gave Katy props for her excellent manners when she “thoughtfully turned the lights down for dinner.”

Check out Katy and other stars from the evening in this WWD slideshow.

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