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Katy Perry keeps breaking sales, airplay (and possibly, video tribute) records!

Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” keeps breaking records for sales and airplay around the world.  This hands-down summer anthem has scoried another record with more than 13,000 spins in one week for two weeks running on both the Mediabase and BDS charts in the US.  The song has the record for the quickest rise to #1 at US Pop radio (where it has stayed at #1 for three weeks).  In addition, the song has built an audience of 140 million+ listeners in the US — the most for any Capitol Records artist — and is expected to reach 150 million this week. The track — which has already topped the Billboard digital song chart for several consecutive weeks — has sold 2.4 million units in America alone.

The song is also the #1 track on  the UK airplay chart.  Last week, “California Gurls” logged the biggest increase of plays of any song on the UK chart and increased its audience to 89.65 million, the highest audience of any song in any week in 2010.  It’s also #1 on the UK  TV airplay chart.

“California Gurls” is the first single from the highly-anticipated album, “Teenage Dream,” out in late August.

We’re not really sure who keeps tabs on tribute videos, but Ms. Perry’s had to have set some kinda record here as well. Here are a few making the rounds now.

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