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Juan Luis Guerra tops the charts around the world

Juan Luis Guerra, the Dominican Republic native and a musical legend across the globe, is taking the world by storm with his latest album, “ASONDEGUERRA.”   The album debuted at #1 on the iTunes Latin charts in the US, Spain and Mexico on its first day and has gone to #1 on the overall chart in Spain and Colombia and is #2 for the second week in row on the Billboard Latin chart.  The album’s first single, “Bachata En Fukuoka”  has spent 5 straight weeks as the #1 song on the US Latin Tropical radio airplay charts.

Check out the video for “Bachata En Fukuoka” below:

“Juan Luis Guerra combines tropical rhythms, fantastic melodies and pure heart and emotion in his music.  That’s why he’s become such an influence and one of the most revered artists performing today,” said Billy Mann, EMI’s President, New Music – International, and Global Artist Management.  “He gives so much of himself to his fans and the community.  We are so proud of him.  It’s a thrill to share his music with the world.”

Juan Luis Guerra has been confirmed to perform in this year’s Premios Juventud Awards on July 15th and will be awarded with the “Premio Idolo de Generaciones” for his outstanding achievements and influence to today’s new artists and music .  US fans can catch him later this summer on “The George Lopez show” and also on “Susana ” in Argentina.

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