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Jónsi new album ‘Go’ in March; live dates planned for April


On April 5 EMI’s Parlophone Records will release worldwide the delightful album from Jón Thor Birgisson, otherwise known as Jónsi, the lead singer of Icelandic toubadours Sigur Rós. The nine tracks on the album are a collaboration with classical wunderkind Nico Muhly (“one of the hottest composers on the planet” according to the Daily Telegraph) and are a drawn from the large pool of material amassed by Jónsi during his years with Sigur Rós. You can see the amazing artwork for the album above.

An EP, ‘Go Do’, is released no March 22 – and you can listen to the lead track, ‘Go Do’, on YouTube here.

Jónsi recorded his first ever live radio session last month on New York’s WNYC which he’s uploaded here, and there’ll be the chance to see him live in the coming months. UK and European dates will be announced next week, and he kicks off his North American tour as previously confirmed on April 6 at Vancouver’s Vogue Theater. Full dates are on his website jonsi.com.

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