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Jónsi’s new single, Animal Arithmetic released May 24

The new track from Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi is summery, vibrant and an explosive splash of drums, keyboards and woodwind instruments. It has catchy lyrics, stating, “Every time everyone everything is full of life, everyday everywhere people are so alive.” Jónsi will be making UK festival appearances at Latitude and Bestival.


Animal Arithmetic carries Jónsi further into the depths of exciting upbeat pop music, causing an explosive outburst of worldwide popularity. After kicking his world tour off in Vancouver last week to huge media praise, Spin magazine said: ” From the moment Jónsi and his band rushed in , it was clear this was no Sigur Ros show… On a venue that looked the Natural History Museum after a fire, the show was less of winsome rock and more serious Theatre featuring a tight musical arc that fit the songs like puzzle pieces. Sigur Ros is a beautiful thing, but when he goes solo, Jónsi does something amazing – he lets his freak flag fly. “I want to be a miracle!” he sang. On this tour, he gets to be! “

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