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John Lennon albums remastered

We’re very proud to announce that eight of John Lennon‘s classic solo albums and other standout recordings have been digitally remastered from his original mixes for a global catalogue initiatve commemorating his 70th birthday, which falls on October 9.


Photo: Iain Macmillan. © Yoko Ono.

This sweeping catalogue initiative, overseen by Yoko Ono and EMI Music, includes 1980′s Grammy Award-winning ‘Double Fantasy’ in a new ‘stripped down’ version remxied and produced by Yoko Ono and Jack Douglas, a hits compilation in two editions called ‘Power To The People: The Hits’, a 4CD set of themed discs ‘Gimme Some Truth’ and a deluxe 11CD collectors box with the remastered albums, rarities and non-album singles titled the ‘John Lennon Signature Box’.

The albums that will be reissued are: ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ (1970), ‘Imagine’ (1971), ‘Some Time In New York City’ (1972), ‘Mind Games’ (1973), ‘Walls and Bridges’ (1974), ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (1975), ‘Double Fantasy Stripped Down’ (2010)/’Double Fantasy’ (1980) and ‘Milk and Honey’ (1984).

Yoko Ono said: “In this very special year, which would have seen my husband and life partner John reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering/reissue programme will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience. By remastering 121 tracks spanning his solo career, I hope also that those who are already familiar with John’s work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition. His lyrics are as relevant today as they were when they were first written and I can think of no more apposite title for this campaign than those simple yet direct words ‘Gimme Some Truth’.”

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