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Japanese superstar Hikaru Utada and EMI agree new deal

We’re delighted to announce that EMI Music and Japanese superstar Hikaru Utada have reached a new agreement for a new global recording contract.

Since her debut single was released by EMI in Japan in 1998, Hikaru Utada has sold over 50 million singles, albums and DVDs worldwide and her debut album ‘First Love’ remains the most successful Japanese language album ever released.

Outside of Japan Hikaru Utada’s music has been released under the name ‘UTADA’ but from now on all her music in all countries will be released under the name Hikaru Utada.

Read the full announcement here.

The Hikaru Utada Singles Collection Volume 2 is released on November 24. Here’s one of the tracks from the set, ‘Goodbye Happiness’ – click on the image below to launch the video:


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