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Italian superstar Vasco Rossi in iPhone concert streaming first

In an innovative first for Italy, the huge concert in Turin tonight by Italian superstar Vasco Rossi will be available in full as a live stream through his hugely successful iPhone app, iVasco.

Vasco Rossi

As our chairman of EMI Music Italy, Marco Alboni, explains: “We are delighted to help Vasco Rossi in making a significant step forward to reach his fans whenever they are with their phones. With a sold out tour and the largest online music community in Italy, Vasco and EMI are growing the possibilities of connection between the artist and his fans, by developing a new audio/visual streaming feature for his concert on iVasco. As an artist, Vasco is always a step ahead in experimentation, in bringing new ways to communicate and in getting his music and his fans connected. We hope that this will be the first of several concerts streaming to be featured on iVasco in the near future.”

Vasco’s current album ‘Tracks2- Inediti e rarità’ was number one for six weeks and has sold so many it has now been certified platinum five times. iVasco, launched last November, is the most downloaded music app in Italy. It promises to be a memorable concert tonight.

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