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Iron Maiden launch new online game

As they continue with their current massive world tour, ‘The Final Frontier’, and prepare for the release of their new album of the same name, Iron Maiden have launched a brand new online game set en-route to the band’s first ever intergalactic gig.

‘The Final Frontier’ game extends the deep space concept of the new album into a dodge-and-fight challenge set over five levels. Fierce Space Pirates attack and destroy the band’s cargo ship, scattering equipment across the galaxy. Piloting Ed Force One (a space shuttle version of the band’s customised Boeing 757), players must collect enough of the dispersed gear so that Iron Maiden can play the loudest gig in the universe.

You can play it right now here: www.thefinalfrontiergame.com.


EMI temaed up with branded entertainment specialists Matmi to create the game.

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