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Iron Maiden confirm new album details, free download

The release date for Iron Maiden’s brand new studio album ‘The Final Frontier’ has been confirmed for August 16 (August 17 in the US). To mark the occasion, the band have made special arrangements for one new album track, ‘El Dorado’, to be made available worldwide as a free MP3 download immediately via their website ironmaiden.com. Iron Maiden will be previewing ‘El Dorado’ on their new tour, also called ‘The Final Frontier’, which kicks off in Dallas, Texas, tomorrow, June 9.


Says singer Buce Dickinson: “‘El Dorado’ is a preview of the forthcoming studio album. As we will be including it in the set of our Final Frontier World Tour we thought it would be great to thank all our fans and get them into ‘The Final Frontier’ mood by giving them this song up front of the tour and album release.”

Following Dallas tomorrow night The Final Frontier World Tour will feature 24 further shows across North America where Iron Maiden will play to an expected 350,000 fans. The band will then move over to Europe, starting in Dublin on July 30 and playing a few selected major festivals and stadiums, including a concert in Transylvania. Their European tour will finish in Valencia in Spain on August 21.

Thirty years from their eponymous debut in April 1980, ‘The Final Frontier’ will be Maiden’s 15th studio album. In all the band have sold over 80 million albums to date.

Copyright 2010 Iron Maiden LLP  Photo by John McMurtrie

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  1. mattias nilsson,

    the fina fronter is the best album 2010.

  2. evi,

    Gr8 album… U gys wil luv it!

  3. Csilla,

    The Iron Maiden always waa the best,and always will the best!

  4. Csilla,

    The Iron Maiden always was the best,and always will the best!

  5. siddhesh,


  6. dicky,

    we love you

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