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In-stores, swag and vinyl in store at Record Store Day this weekend

This Saturday, music fans in many parts of the globe might find some extremely cool stuff in store for them:  it’s Record Store Day!  Limited edition vinyl, free stuff and in-store performances will be happening in 18 countries beginning Saturday at thousands of independent record stores.

As reported earlier, in the UK, Parlophone’s getting into the action with limited edition 7″ vinyl from artists such as Babyshambles, Bat For Lashes, Chiddy Bang, Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse, Eliza Doolittle, Hot Chip, Jónsi, Lily Allen, The Pet Shop Boys and Tinie Tempah.  (Also, for UK stores only, from a band you may have heard of, The Beatles).

In the US, artists playing at the Coachella Festival will be meeting fans and signing albums at a Record Store Day tent throughout the weekend, including LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Zoe and David Guetta.

We’ll be posting more details about additional artist performances around the US, plus limited edition releases that will be available — check back for more!

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