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Hot Chip “I Feel Better” video: Pitchfork’s Director’s Cut

Hot Chip‘s video boy band send up has become an internet favorite, and it was an Interwebs connection which made it possible.  The band sought out British actor/comedian and power Twitterer Peter Serafinowicz (aka @serafinowicz) to direct the video after following his career and humorous tweets (recent gem:  “I like Justin Bieber but prefer his early work.”).  Pitchfork’s “Director’s Cut” interview with Serafinowicz goes behind the scenes of the laser-laden spoof.

Serafinowicz tells Pitchfork:  “…I just thought how Hot Chip are like the least boy-band band, ever. But if a boy band released that song, you’d be like “Huh!” but you wouldn’t be like ” Huh?! [laughs] I like the idea of taking something we’re all used to seeing– like a boy band music video– and totally destroying it. So I wrote this proposal and included reference images I found on Google– to illustrate the bald guy in the video played by Ross Lee, I used pictures of Mr. Burns from the “X-Files” episode of “The Simpsons”.

You can watch it here again:

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