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Holiday competitions and musical e-cards from EMI

At this festive time we have some fantastic competitions running to share in the holiday spirit and a great set of free musical e-cards.

Visit www.emichristmas.com for a chance to win new prizes every day. Today you could win digitally remastered Beatles’ Red and Blue box sets and T-shirts as well as prizes from Coldplay, John Lennon, George Harrison and Bryan Ferry. There’ll be new competitions each day through to December 26.


And for this year’s holiday season we’ve launched a new ‘With Love From Me To You’ campaign which includes a choice of 7 free e-card designs based on contemporary and classic artists and music. For each e-card you can choose eight tracks ranging from John Lennon to Daft Punk and Tinie Tempah to Wizzard.

The e-cards also give entry to a great competition to win a huge bundle of prizes including a limited edition John Lennon Signature box set, an apple Records box set, a Beatles’ stereo box set as well as lots more great prizes. Head over to www.withlovefrommetoyou.co.uk for all the information or click on the image below.


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  1. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year !
    These e-cards were a great idea, just had to log on to http://www.withlovefrommetoyou.co.uk , sent everyone i know, family and friends, and work colleagues, contacts, they all loved them !
    Thanks, Niall.

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