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Guetta Events and EMI team up for F*** ME I’M FAMOUS partnership

We’re very pleased to announce a new joint venture agreement between EMI Music and David and Cathy Guetta’s Guetta Events company to build F*** ME I’M FAMOUS into a global dance brand.

F*** ME I’M FAMOUS was launched as an Ibiza club night by Cathy Guetta in 2001 and has grown to become the leading dance and lifestyle brand on the White Island. Through the new partnership F*** ME I’M FAMOUS will now be expanded globally, taking in major events and club nights alongside merchandise and music compilations. Read the full announcement here.


David Guetta‘s relationship with EMI reaches back to 2001 and since then he has become one of dance music’s most successful artist, DJ, producer and songwriter. This year alone he won the Best Dance Remix Grammy award, has DJed to over three million people and performed in 200 different cities around the world. Including this night in the summer at Creamfields for 40,000 people:

David has just launched a competition for his fans to create their own versions of four of his tracks from the new deluxe release of his album ‘One More Love’, with one lucky entrant winning an all expenses paid VIP trip to see David at any of his upcoming European dates. As the man himself explains here:

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