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Gorillaz & Tinie Tempah to perform together tonight

Tonight, Friday May 21, the UK’s newest superstar, Tinie Tempah, will appear on UK TV performing with Parlophone label mates, the Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett-inspired Gorillaz. Damon invited Tinie to guest on the classic Gorillaz track ‘Clint Eastwood’ for their appearance on tonight’s show on BBC 1 and Tinie obliged by writing a special new rap for the song.

Tinie recently featured on a remix of the Gorillaz single ‘Stylo’ from their acclaimed new album ‘Plastic Beach’.

Tinie, who is appearing at this weekend’s Radio One ‘One Big Weekend’ in Bangor in Wales, releases his new single ‘Frisky’ on June 7. ‘Frisky’, currently number one on the Shazam chart, follows his massive debut hit ‘Pass Out’ which is the biggest single by any UK artist so far this year.

Check out the new video for ‘Frisky’ here:

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