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Gorillaz’ “Plastic Beach” is out! New iTunes LP avail in US, “Stylo” Breaks YouTube Record

Gorillaz‘ ‘Plastic  Beach’ is out!

The physical “Experience Edition” of ‘Plastic Beach’ includes such bonuses as a ‘Making of Plastic Beach’ DVD, ability to stream live Gorillaz performances, and a special access card unlocking a world of exclusive and interactive online content to be revealed over time.

In the US, the iTunes LP version of Plastic Beach includes the record-breaking ‘Stylo’ video and a Making of ‘Stylo’ documentary;  a video collection of Gorillaz animation, ‘Plastic Beach’ trailers and six exclusive films set to album tracks; a still gallery featuring original Gorillaz art and images exclusive to iTunes; a Gorillaz interactive game; and an Online Extras section providing  access to Gorillaz live concert performances and additional exclusives. The iTunes deluxe edition of the record also features the bonus tracks ‘Pirate’s Progress’ and ‘Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons.’

iTunes LP for Plastic Beach

The first single from ‘Plastic Beach’, ‘Stylo,’ premiered last week on YouTube in many parts of the world and instantly became the most successful official music video premiere in YouTube Music Tuesday history, generating over 900,000 views in its first 24 hours, since breezing past the million view mark and surpassing previous record holders U2 and Weezer.

Elsewhere, the NPR Music Exclusive First Listen for Plastic Beach was the #1 most popular story on NPR.org in its first 24 hours.

Keep your eyes peeled in the ongoing Gorillaz saga here!

And, follow the band’s own Murdoc Niccals at www.twitter.com/murdocgorillaz

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