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Gorillaz announce UK and Dublin arena dates

Gorillaz have unveiled details of their first ever arena tour in September with five dates planned in the UK and on in Dublin.

Following their recent sell out performances at US festival Coachella and the Roundhouse in London, the ‘Escape To Plastic Beach’ tour will call at Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester followed by two nights in London and one in Dublin. Members of the official Gorillaz fan club Sub Division will have priority access to tickets – http://gorillaz.com/sub-division. Tickets go on general sale May 21.

As the band’s Murdoc Niccals says: “This’ll be an all spectacular! When we started out with Gorillaz, it was just myself, Russel on drums, guitarist Noodle and our spikey-blue haired singer 2D. But now this phenomenon has morphed into something far, far greater than the four of us alone. We’ve got half the history of music up there on stage with us, so we need some serious extra backup! Orchestras, backing singers, horn sections, a Syrian ensemble. This is our Global Big Band moment!”


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