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Gorillaz and Microsoft team up to launch Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft have launched the Beta of Internet Explorer 9 and to showcase the new browser they approached Gorillaz to develop an online experience that demonstrates what IE9 can do.

As Gorillaz themselves say:  “Of course those clever bods at Microsoft came to us Gorillaz first with their new Internet Explorer 9 Beta technology. And it works like magic – our website now pushes past the boundaries for visual speed and our fans will be able to interact with us better than ever before. Gorillaz.com through Internet Explorer 9 Beta- it’s like a Wizard’s Portal!”


Check out what Gorillaz came up with in Murdoc Niccal’s Club Room (where he is pictured above) at http://gorillaz.com/club-room. For more details on the partnership and IE9 check out the full announcement.

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